Operations Site

Operations Site

Our operations site will be at Atabae where we will build a facility for staff to work and for storage of coral/tropical fish prior to transport. The photograph shows the beach as it stands. We will build a small structure for processing. Once the plans are finalized they will be add to the website.

Google map link

We have done an initial paper based survey of this location and the feedback was:

  1. Location looks fair to good based on open water exposure
  2. Ocean current appears to be flowing from SW to NE which should reduce impact from land pollution. The coastline's bend on northern side should help to keep water surface temperatures lower.
  3. Further surveys are suggested to fully understand the area's potential.

Proposed site survey

We envision using the following advanced marine technology techniques for our site survey.

Towed Survey

In a towed survey a person or device is towed over the coral and general details about the reef is recorded (eg size, species, depth).

surveying the reef (aka human crocbait)

Species Survey Techniques

In this technique we use cameras and accurate species counts to map particular parts of the reef. Careful optical devices ensure the size of the coral and species can be accurately mapped. Images can be sent to experts for species identification.

reef deetailed survey

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